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Collegiate Women: Eisenberg Cup
Princeton University vs. Yale University, USC
April 14, 2012; Lake Carnegie
Submitted by Lori Dauphiny.

Distance: 2000 meters
Conditions: Good conditions- flat water, slight tail.
Comments: There was breakage in the Princeton 2V within the breakage zone (400 meters into race) It required a repair so there was a late start in the event. 2V crews had to wait on the water for an additional 25 minutes before their race was restarted. It was the last race of the event

Varsity 8:
USC 6:24.6
Princeton 6:27.0
Yale 6:30.2

2nd Varsity 8:
USC 6:40.3
Princeton 6:40.6
Yale 6:44.7

Varsity Four:
Princeton 7:26.5
Yale 7:28.8
USC 7:30.7

Princeton 6:50.2
Yale 7:09.3

Varsity B 4:
Yale 7:38.2
Princeton 7:59.5

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