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Collegiate Men & Women: Wentworth, Brandeis, Roger Williams, Endicott
March 31, 2012; New Bedford, MA
Submitted by Katie Lane.

Distance: 2000m
Conditions: Small cross wind at the start. NOTE: The times from the MV4 Event are not accurate because the clock started late.

Men's Racing

Wentworth A 7:13.50
Wentworth B 7:39.55
Endicott 7:42.73
Brandeis 7:56.04
Roger Williams 9:30.61

Wentworth A 7:41.20
Brandeis 8:31.29
Endicott 8:47.12
Wentworth B 10:18.14

Women's Racing

Endicott A 8:28.17
Roger Wiliams A 9:02.43
Brandeis 9:10.99
Roger WIlliams B 9:23.27
Endicott B 9:43.71
Wentworth SCRATCH

Endicott A 9:34.52
Roger Williams 9:55.0
Brandeis 10:35.7
Wentworth 11:00.12
Endicott B 12:06.17

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