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EARC HW Men: Stein Cup
Brown University vs. Harvard University
April 7, 2012; Providence, RI
Submitted by Brown Coaching Staff.

Distance: 2000m
Conditions: Order of racing: 2F, 3V, 2V, V, 1F, 4V. 2F, 3V, and 2V raced on diminishing incoming tide. Varsity raced at slack tide. 1F and 4V raced on increasing outgoing tide. North/Northwest wind (tail, to quartering tail) at 10-15mph, gusting to 20.
Comments: In the 3V race Brown led by over a length with 300 meters to go when Harvard hit a object and bent/broke their skeg. In the 2f race Harvard also lost a skeg but it was able to finish the race well ahead.

Varsity 8:
Harvard 5:25.4
Brown 5:26.0

2nd Varsity 8:
Harvard 5:38.7
Brown 5:42.4

3rd Varsity 8:
Brown 5:47.0
Harvard 6:11.2

4th Varsity 8:
Brown 5:41.9
Harvard 5:42.7

Frosh/Novice 8:
Harvard 5:32.1
Brown 5:38.1

2nd Frosh/Novice 8:
Harvard 6:23.5
Brown 6:36.2

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