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HS/Scholastic: Simsbury/Tabor Invitation (B&G Eights)
April 14, 2012; Lake Quinsigamond, Worcester, MA
Submitted by Ann Carabillo.

Distance: 1500 Meters
Conditions: Cross/Tailwind changing to a strong Cross/Headwind
Comments: Excellent racing by all crews on a very windy day. Crews did not all start on the line so times cannot be compared between races. 25th annual Charles A. Pincombe Cup between Simsbury and Tabor was won by Tabor Academy. Special thanks to St. John's and Shrewsbury for hosting the day and for all volunteer coaches who made the day run smoothly.

Men's Racing

1st Boys:
Tabor 4:57.4
St. John's 5:11.1
Simsbury 5:14.1
Stonington 5:17.0
Shrewsbury 5:33.4
E. Lyme 5:36.6

2nd Boys:
St. John's 4:44.8
Tabor 4:49.1
Stonington 5:03.2
Simsbury 5:06.5
Shrewsbury 5:21.1
E. Lyme 5:36.4

3rd Boys:
St. John's 5:04.64
Simsbury 5:19.14
Tabor 5:19.74
Stonington 5:39.14
Shrewsbury 6:02.14
E. Lyme 6:06.74

4th Boys:
St. John's "A" 5:19.0
Simsbury 5:43.7
St. John's "B" 5:54.22
Tabor 6:23.49

Women's Racing

1st Girls:
Tabor 5:48.0
Simsbury 5:48.3
E. Lyme 5:49.1
Stonington 6:00.1
Shrewsbury 6:01.0
Boston Latin 6:02.0

2nd Girls:
Tabor 5:39.0
Simsbury 5:39.2
E. Lyme 5:51.4
Shrewsbury 5:52.5
Stonington 5:52.6
Boston Latin 6:08.6

3rd Girls:
Simsbury 6:06.7
Stonington 6:10.13
Tabor 6:16.27
Boston Latin "A" 6:24.47
E. Lyme 6:42.47
Boston Latin "B" 7:05.77

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